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Free Print-and-Play version of The Fantasy Trip: Melee Available From Steve Jackson Games

Most of us are stuck inside. And while game sales is cool, it will still take a while for those games to get here. However, if you've got a printer, you can get a copy of The Fantasy Trip: Melee and start playing it right away, as Steve Jackson Games has put it up for free on their website. And if you do want to order some expansions, they're on sale for 50% off.

From the announcement:

Stuck inside? Time for an adventure! The Fantasy Trip: Melee is now available for FREE on PDF! This is the perfect way to learn The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game.

Then, you can expand your game with Wizard, adding magic, and Death Test 1 & 2, which adds solo play! Both modules are available for 50% off starting today. Start your adventure today!