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Free Mini-Module Available From ArcKnight

It's getting cooler outside and I've got my Type O Negative playlist going. It's time for some spooky fun on the tabletops and ArcKnight is here to help with a free mini-adventure available to download now.

From the website:

A holy relic shrouded in lies. A town under siege by Undead Hordes. A graveyard full of corpses ready to be reanimated. Each death adds to the army of the undead. Your party must work quick to defeat the undead and the evils that are creating them before you are overwhelmed.

If you’d like a physical copy of the pack, The Undead Hordes Adventure pack includes a printed version of the mini-module, the Ancient Evils 62 Minis pack, Mankind 62 Minis pack, and Skeleton Horde 31 Minis pack. Everything you need to bring this adventure to unlife on your tabletop.