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Free League Publishing Releases The Bitter Reach Campaign For Forbidden Lands

Want to greatly expand your immersion into the Forbidden Lands RPG from Free League Publishing? Now you can, as they have released the Bitter Reach Campaign Guide. Though more than just an adventure to send your players on, it has new rules, a huge map of the land, and new rules you can integrate into your campaign. This new book is available now, along with a Map and Cards Pack to further enhance your games.

From the announcement:

The Bitter Reach epic campaign module for the multiple award-winning Forbidden Lands tabletop roleplaying game was officially launched today by Free League Publishing, makers of the official ALIEN RPG. The massive book expands the Forbidden Lands game with a huge map to hexcrawl, new rules, encounters and monsters, and a full campaign to play.

In the southern lands, elders speak of cold storms from the north. Cursed voices borne on the icy winds whisper of secrets from ages past that would plunge realms and kin into ruin if only someone could understand these ancient words. They are the desperate confessions of the lost. They are the legends of the Bitter Reach.

The 312-page beautifully illustrated hardcover book is now available at the Free League webshop, along with the The Bitter Reach Map & Cards Pack, containing a huge double-sided color map of the Bitter Reach (format 720 x 520 mm), a sheet of stickers for adventure sites and gravestones, and custom playing cards for unique mounts and magical artifacts.

Both products will soon be available in general retail worldwide.