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Free League Publishing Launches Free League Workshop

While having premade adventures is nice, I'd say that the majority of you GMs out there are coming up with your own to run your party through. And that's awesome. But there's not always the chance to share those great adventures you've made. Well, Free League Publishing is here to help with their Free League Workshop.

From the announcement:

Free League Publishing today launched the Free League Workshop – the official community content program for Free League tabletop roleplaying games, in collaboration with OneBookShelf. In the Free League workshop, gamers can publish their own adventures set in the worlds of the acclaimed RPGs Tales from the Loop, Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis, Forbidden Lands, and Symbaroum.

Tabletop roleplaying is a uniquely creative medium. Free League Publishing has seen fans create fantastic content for its games since the publisher's first RPG was released in 2012. To celebrate this, Free League today launched the Free League Workshop, a new digital storefront on where fans can create, distribute and sell products for Free League RPGs.

Free League Workshop provides design templates and guidelines to make the creative process for users as easy as possible. Users get to set the price of a product, or even make it available for free.

Already at launch, a score of products are available in the Free League Workshop. And this is just the beginning – with the launch of the Free League Workshop, players and fans of Free League games are invited to start creating and share their work with the community.