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Free John Carter of Mars RPG PDF Available From Modiphius

Who doesn't like getting something for free? I mean, I guess if you got something bad, even if it was free, you wouldn't be happy about it. But here, we're talking about something good. We're talking about a free digitial RPG book from Modiphius. Yeah. You can head to their webshop now and pick up the John Carter of Mars RPG core book for free by using the promo code BARSOOM. And, if you like it, you can get other John Carter items at 20% off by using the code VIRGINIA.

From the announcement:

...if you head over to our webstore and use the code BARSOOM at checkout you can score yourself a free copy of the John Carter of Mars RPG core book in PDF before the end of April. It's a really streamlined version of our 2d20 system so if you like what you see the code VIRGINIA will get you 20% off anything in the John Carter RPG & miniatures collection.

Good news we're partially shipping again! Our warehouse has re-opened on a skeleton crew under advice from the government. We've caught up on shipping all orders placed since the lockdown if they were sent globally by couriers (eg DHL or FEDEX), all orders in the UK and European tracked and untracked. Untracked to Europe is working but taking about 4 weeks due to a big backlog, so if you picked untracked in Europe please be patient.

Untracked shipments to the rest of the world - eg US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc (typically something under 2kg where it says 'untracked' at checkout) still has an enormous backlog so we're not shipping anything ordered via untracked outside of Europe until this clears so please bear with us. Once it clears we'll get everything on hold shipped out right away. The best advice is to use courier shipping to guarantee delivery at the moment if you're outside of Europe.

John Carter Rulebook in Modiphius' Store