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Free Intro Version of Sleep Tight Available as Print-and-Play

I tend to sleep rather well, despite having upstairs neighbors who apparently wake up at around 10pm and decide then is the best time to have dance contests. Thankfully, there's no monsters under my bed, but what about you? Are you sure there's nothing out in the dark to get you? The Moongrel is looking to bring their first ever game, Sleep Tight, to Kickstarter soon. However, in the meantime, you can get a free print-and-play version from their website to give you a taste of what's to come.

From the website:

You are kids stuck in a very special dream...a dream where the Sandman lives. Your souls have been shattered, and the only way to wake up is to collect Soul Fragments by traversing your nightmares. But watch out, because the Sandman will haunt you trying to consume your remaining Soul Fragments.

Team up against the Sandman or turn against each other. If the Sandman is killed, everyone wins. But if one of you wakes up first, they win, while the other players stay trapped in the nightmare forever, left as a feast for the Sandman.

Try this game of cooperation, conflict, betrayal, and nightmares