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Fragged RPG: Regions Books Up On Kickstarter

For those that have played any of the Fragged RPGs, you might want to spread out from the core lands and see what's out there. Or, at the very least, if you've been there, to have some more info on just what's going on. Well, you're in luck. There's a Kickstarter campaign going on right now for not one, not two, but three different region books for the games. Have yourself a look-see.

From the campaign:

  • 3 New Region Based Books: For Fragged Empire, Aternum and Kingdom. 
  • Each book has 164 Pages.
  • Premium Quality Production: Full Colour, Hard Cover, Lots of Art, Maps and Lore.

This campaign aims to fund the production of three new region books for the tabletop RPGs; Fragged Empire, Fragged Aeternum and Fragged Kingdom. These books will have a focus on lore, with plenty of maps, factions, NPCs and locations. They will also include additional rule options for PCs and GMs.

The campaign's around 1/4 of the way to their goal with 30 days left to go.