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Fourtato Games Announces Chicken Heist

What are you? Some kind of a chicken? Well... in Chicken Heist, yes, yes you are. You and your fellow chickens are planning a bank heist. It's all about grabbing that money and making it out safe. But how much can you grab and will you see the right signal to high-tail it out of there? That's up to you to find out in Chicken Heist, a new game coming to Kickstarter from Fourtato Games.

From the announcement:

You and a group chicken have been invited to a private meeting. You are not bad chickens. Just dreamers. Dreaming one day they will be rich.

The large chicken, with an authoritative aura, grabs a couple rolls of blue paper and unrolls them on the table in front of everyone. “A heist…” says the chicken, menacingly.

The plan is for every chicken to arrive at the bank in a truck. Every chicken will break into the vault and proceed to fill the truck with money. The driver will signal the chickens when the situation demands them to leave. When the signal is given, every chicken needs to get on the truck and flee the scene. The pot will be split amongst those who leave on the right signal.

You know that this is not going to be easy. The longer you stay in the heist, the higher the chances are of getting caught by those darn chicken cops! You must use your skills and cunningness to make it out. But it also appears that certain chickens have distinct weaknesses you can leverage to throw them under the bus. While cooperation is key to loading a truck full of gold,  the more chickens that get caught, the less you have to split with others.

Some chickens may betray their fellow chicken companions. Some may even abandon the heist all together. When the stakes are high, will you stay in the heist? Or will you chicken out?

Chicken Heist is a quick fast-paced push-your-luck card game for 3-8 players. A dynamic game that encourages player interactions!