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Foundlings RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

Civilization has collapsed. What was once a glittering city is now just a ruin. Those left cling on in the surrounding forests. That's where players find themselves in Foundlings, a new RPG zine that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In the drowned forest sits the ruins of the City. Before the hunger of our forbears poisoned the world we called it home. For generations it was a source of salvage. But maybe, just maybe, it holds the clues we need to fix this broken world...

Foundlings is a post-apocalyptic fantasy game about anthropomorphic survivors living on the edge of the ruins of their once great civilisation. It is about learning from the past in order to find some hope for the future. Foundlings uses a D10 based dice system, in which players roll all the dice. Results are not binary success and failure: a Foundling may succeed with an Edge, or with a Hitch...

The campaign's about halfway to its goal with 12 days left to go.