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FossilPunk Foundry Launches its First Miniatures for Sauriana

The folks over at FossilPunk Foundry have been working on their Sauriana minis game for a long time, and they're about ready to unleash it on the public. Well, it's hard to have a minis game without minis, so they've got their first two over on their website now.

From the announcement:

FossilPunk Foundry, an indie developer, has finally launched the first miniatures for its upcoming skirmish game Sauriana. Set in an alternate-history 1800s where Paleontology is the new gold rush, Sauriana features a mixture of Weird Western, Victorian Science Fiction, and Steampunk elements. Players can fight simple skirmish battles with their forces, but the real meat of the game comes from the robust Expedition System - allowing players to run extended campaigns with their posse of characters. The game has launched two miniatures - the Rhinophile, a big game hunter for the Explorer’s Club faction, and the Saurotomaton, a steam-powered automaton for the Cope Collective - ahead of their November 21st Kickstarter launch date which will help them fund production of the full game and the first wave of their miniatures range for all four factions.