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Forgotten Waters Retail Release Coming June 5th

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, it's been sometimes difficult to know when new games are going to be available. All sorts of production and shipping schedules have been thrown into chaos. Well, we have one solid date to announce. Forgotten Waters form Plaid Hat Games will be available June 5th.

From the post:

Our distributor Asmodee recently announced that Forgotten Waters’ new release date for North America is June 5th 2020! This is 2 weeks earlier than previously announced, due to high interest and demand.

The street date for Forgotten Waters in Australia and New Zealand is May 12th, and the Nordic Countries and United Kingdom will see it hit store shelves on or around May 18th. Yes, that’s only one week away!

We encourage everyone to pre-order a copy from your favorite local game store to support them in these difficult times. Most of them are doing either online shipping or curbside pickup.