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Forge World Taking Pre-Orders For White Scars Legion Ebon Keshig Terminators

So, you've brought shame and dishonor upon your name and your clan! You shall be punished by... being given some kick-ass power armor and super-powerful weapons. Seems legit to me. That's exactly what the White Scars do with their dishonorable soldiers. I guess when you're in a chapter that's all about speed and maneuverability, being "stuck" in terminator armor could be a drag. You can pre-order your White Scars Legion Ebon Keshig Terminator troops now from Forge World.

And again, here's appropriate music while ordering.

From the website:

Unlike other Legions, the White Scars made little use of Terminator armour, preferring the speed that lighter plates offered. However, as the Great Crusade expanded, they found themselves utilising everything they had at their disposal in the name of the Imperium. Hence, the Ebon Keshig would be employed when strength and size were more critical than speed and agility.

Made up of warriors seeking atonement and redemption for sins and breaches of honour, the Ebon Keshig would always be at the forefront of high-intensity conflicts. Clad in black ceramite, they were instantly recognisable as formidable warriors to both the enemy and their brothers. Acting as a shield to the more fragile contingents of the White Scars, those Ebon Keshig who survived were deemed to have proved themselves worthy in the eyes of the Legion.

This is a complete resin kit that makes five miniatures, featuring specific White Scars iconography. Rules for using the Ebon Keshig can be found in The Horus Heresy: Book 8 – Malevolence.

The kit is supplied with 5 40mm round bases.