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Forge World Taking Pre-Orders For Ragnir Gunnstein for Necromunda

Bullets. When you're in a gang war, they can be an invaluable commodity. So, who do you call when you're running now? (not the Ghostbusters) You call Gragnir, the squat ammo-jack. For you Necromunda players, you can head over to the Forge World website and order yours today.

From the website:

If your gang has been having issues with ammunition, then Ragnir Gunnstein is the Hanger-on for you. This Squat Ammo-jack comes covered in bullets and grenades, and carries a wealth of tools that he uses to fix weapons. In-game, he allows you to re-roll any failed Ammo checks that roll a natural 1 and can be taken whether you are an attacker or defender (not just on your own territory). If you need to keep on shooting, then you need to hire Ragnir.

Ragnir is a 10-part model, cast in highly detailed resin and comes supplied with one 25mm Necromunda base. His Dramatis Personae rules are supplied with him, or he can be used as an ordinary Ammo-jack, the rules for which you can find in Gangs of the Underhive.