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Forge World Taking Orders For Dark Angels Interemptor Squad

*comes in unannounced*

Hello there. Sorry to interrempt...

... *burns everything to the ground, apparently, since that's what an Interemptor does*

If you'd like to burninate the countryside and add this new unit to your Dark Angels army, you can order them over on the Forge World website now.

From the post:

Even among the brethren of the infamous Dreadwing, the Interemptors are a grim breed, dedicated as they are to a singular purpose – the utter annihilation of the enemy. Armed with fearsome plasma burners and plasma incinerators, when the Interemptors attack they leave behind no trace of those they conquer – no bodies, no ruins, nothing.

The Interemptors are the Dark Angels' pre-eminent experts in biological and chemical warfare. Armed with esoteric weapons that date back to Old Night, they are capable of completely devastating enemy forces. Each model is equipped with a plasma burner and is covered in both Dark Angels and Dreadwing iconography. One model may be assembled reloading his plasma burner. The kit also includes optional components to equip a member of the squad with a heavy weapon – either a plasma incinerator or missile launcher.

This highly detailed 46-part resin kit makes five Dark Angels Legion Interemptors and comes supplied with five 32mm Citadel round bases.

Rules for using the Dark Angels Legion Interemptors are available as a free PDF download.