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Footsore Miniatures Announces Mortal Gods Kickstarter Campaign

The folks over at Footsore Miniatures are looking to expand their Mortal Gods range, and they're headed to Ancient Greece to do it. Why not? There's a ton of amazing monsters and heroes to be had, many are inconic and have been beloved for generations. Soon, you'll abe able to bring these figures to your tabletops, as the Kickstarter to fund this new range will begin in just over a week's time.

About the upcoming campaign:

Footsore Miniatures & Games will be launching their first Kickstarter campaign at the end of this month (January 26th, 2020). The aim of this campaign is to fund the creation and production of a spectacular range of mythical monsters and beings that will for the core of their Mythic supplement for Mortal Gods.

Footsore is working with the wonderful Trish Carden and the amazing Stavros Zouliatis to create many beautiful miniatures to bring the Greek Mythos to life on your tabletops. There are many fantastical creatures – such as the Hydra, Cyclops, and Harpies – that can now take their place alongside your forces in games of Mortal Gods (or anywhere else you’d like to use them, really). Many of these models have already been sculpted and are ready to go into production moulds as soon as the campaign is successfully funded!

So that you can include the Mythic menagerie in your games of Mortal Gods, Andy Hobday and George Asling have created new rules for many Heroes & Creatures to fight alongside or against your existing lochoi.

Many of these models will be cast in high quality resin to capture the crisp details and ensure ease of assembly, particularly for the larger kits like the awesome Hydra model.

Even if you don’t play Mortal Gods, these monstrous miniatures will be perfect for dozens of other wargaming and roleplaying situations.

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