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Foodie Frenzy Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I enjoy cooking and being a host. There's little I find more satisfying than seeing someone else enjoy a meal I made for them. That's what you'll be trying to do in Foodie Frenzy, feeding your customers the best food you can make. Just watch out for the cats that are hanging around. They might just ruin your dish. You can check out this new game on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Foodie Frenzy is a fast and funny game for 3–6 players that combines dice rolling and card play. Players compete to be the first to serve the customer's order without having any LOLcats spoiling it. Success requires tactical thinking and willingness to seize opportunities, as well as quick reflexes.

What makes the game unique?

  • Learn the rules in less than 5 minutes (one rulesheet).
  • All players have a chance to react to the dice roll and grab the Kikker.
  • The game combines tactics and random factors.
  • Fast paced, with rising tension that stimulates both the brain and the body.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 18 days.