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Fog of Love Coming to Gen Con

And no, I don't mean that I will be finding my "special someone" while here at the show, breaking my 7 long years of being single... at least, I don't think that'll happen. No, I'm talking about the popular card game. Fog of Love will be here in Indy, and are also talking about the game coming to a broader description.

From the announcement:

Gen Con 2019 - taking place at Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana - marks the first chance to grab the all-time favorite relationship simulator board game Fog of Love right off the shelf. Prior to this, American customers have only been able to buy the game online, due to an exclusivity agreement, but now broad distribution approaches. 

Visitors at Gen Con 2019 may even get the chance to buy it directly from the creator, Jacob Jaskov, who will also be attending the convention to playtest the next release from publisher Hush Hush Projects. 

Hush Hush Projects, publisher of Fog of Love, the unique relationship simulator game, is happy to announce that the game is now being made available for American distribution. The game went straight from a fully-funded Kickstarter to exclusively be available online from Walmart in the US. This means that the publisher’s presence at Gen Con 2019 will effectively be the first time the game is physically sold on American soil. 

About the Walmart partnership, CEO of Hush Hush Projects, Mark Cooke says: “We’re very grateful that they wanted to take a chance on the game, and have been happy with the partnership. I’m also really excited about what’s next, and I look forward to seeing the game pop up on the shelves of FLGSs and other stores across the US. I hope this development will mean that even more people get to tell their own touching and hilarious love stories.”

At Gen Con 2019, Fog of Love designer Jacob Jaskov will be playtesting the upcoming release from Hush Hush Projects, a four-player game about discovering yourself currently titled Midlife Crisis. The game takes off about twenty years after Fog of Love ends, and centers around a couple both experiencing a midlife crisis. Each character is controlled by two players - one is the voice of reason, and the other is the unconscious…  And the goal is to get through the crisis without losing each other and/or their sanity. 

Jaskov’s design process is highly iterative, influenced by many years working as an innovation consultant. The game is still in development, so this is a great chance to see how feedback and testing influences the final experience. Seats are limited, so head over to the Gen Con website to secure a ticket for ‘Midlife Crisis Playtest’ now!