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Fluff System Launches Patreon Campaign

Patreon is being used more and more by gaming companies in order to get some funding for their projects. Basically, people subscribe to them at one of several tiers and that gives them access to exclusive content, previews of new material, and lets them basically get in on the ground floor of new, exciting products. Fluff System has launched their own Patreon account and is looking to bring new RPGs to your tabletops.

From the campaign:

Hi! We are Fluff System, a group of game enthusiasts who love everything from card games, tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, the stories behind our favorite games, and much much more. We think that all of it is important to make a game truly come alive, both the fluff and the system, and at the point where the two meet, that is where great games are found!

We, as a group of game enthusiasts, have decided to venture into game design, and discover these great games and bring them to you. But, our ventures and expeditions to the point where Fluff and System meet requires funding, and that is where YOU come in!

The current team is consisted of four young people who all wish to contribute to the game industry in one way or another. Right now, we are actively working on a tabletop roleplaying game in the science fantasy genre, called "Tears of Gods". The game is now 60% done, and you can follow our Instagram account for continuous feed on the game's development, aside from the updates that you can see here. As we come up with new and exciting projects, these will be added to the list of active projects that the team is working on, which will be updated regularly. It goes without saying that those who choose to support our work will be privy to all patron-exclusive content that we post, including artwork, stories, articles that delve deep into what we are doing, and much much more.

The 10 most generous patrons will receive an additional benefit in the form of one copy of any game that we have been working on and have finished while they were our patron. This is by us considered as a "thank you" from the team to the most generous patrons who enabled it for us to create the things we want to and do the work that we love and enjoy doing. :)