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Flicking Finches Dexterity Game Up On Kickstarter

In the Galapagos, Charles Darwin studied the various finches of the islands, seeing the differences between them and helping build his ideas on evolution. In Flicking Finches, players take on the role of the titular birds as they go around with Darwin, looking to collect seeds, but not annoying him too much by knocking him over. The dexterity-based game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Flicking Finches is a delightful dexterity game for the whole flock, conceived and illustrated by talented game designer Yves Tourigny. In this family-friendly game, each of you will control a small flock of finch discs bearing different characteristics such as color, body size, beak size, and body markings. Using your finger, you'll attempt to flick your finches as close as possible to the itinerant Charles Darwin figure - without knocking him over!

Players can "chirp" to entice Darwin to award seeds to the closest finch matching the evolutionary characteristics he's most interested in, determined by sketchbook cards dealt out on the table. After awarding seeds, Charlie will move along to the next island location on the board, ready to study a new variety, with the finches giving chase. It all ends when his sketchbook cards are filled and the player with the most seeds wins!

The campaign is up and running now with 14 days left to go.