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Flashback RPG Up On Kickstarter

Usually, when stuff falls from the sky, it's rain or snow and it's just fine. No worries at all. We need rain, after all. But when what's falling from the sky is an otherworldly metal that changes whatever it touches, it's a little less good. But that's what's happening in Flashback, a new alternate-history RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

They told us that some people are born to be hammers, others are born to be nails.

Our place in the world was to be lined up, beaten down, and put to work until we were broken. For generations the nobles of the Great Houses have looked down on us from high up in the Citadels, growing fat and rich off our sweat and toil.

When the stars fell and burned the sky, they profited while we perished.
When the spore plague came and blighted the land, they feasted while we starved.
But when the Titans came to destroy what little we had left, they fled while we stood firm.

In the past, we have allowed them to rule us, to oppress us, to exploit us - but each time they struck us down… we learned. The world is about to change - and only those who change with it will survive. 

In the midst of an industrial revolution, a strange new metal falls from the stars that changes everything it touches. As faith in the old ways fades and society struggles to adapt to the new steam-powered economy, a mysterious Spore Sickness starts to spread from city to city. Even the Imperial Army is forced to retreat from the frontier when Titans, huge monstrosities forged from natural and elemental forces,  begin to rampage throughout the Empire.

The players must shed the chains of the past and change themselves to survive in this evolving world, but the blue-blooded aristocracy will do everything they can to hold onto their power.

The campaign is really close to its goal, but there's only 4 days left to get there.