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Flash 8 Now Available

In today's society, damn-near everything you want to do runs on electricity. For electricity to work, electrons need to be able to flow. And making sure they can is what you're trying to do in Flash 8. And much like when the power goes out, you're sitting there hoping it comes back as fast as possible. Speed is also vital in Flash 8. Get those electrons moving!

From the website:

Play in a flash!

Speed through the city!

Line up your electrons to get the current flowing, and frustrate your opponents in the process.

To win, reproduce the configurations as fast as you can. That’s all!

Flash 8 is the modernized version of a well-known classic; the question is not if you can do it, it’s how fast! Because the game plays non-stop through to the end, Flash 8 is one of the most dynamic games of the last millennium!