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Flame Drops Games running Omega War REDUX Miniatures Game Kickstarter

Well, nuclear war has destroyed pretty much everything. Good job, Carl. Now, humanity has to struggle to survive, seeking out whatever meager resources they can find. Of course, this has lead to more conflict. And that's where you come in. Omega War is a new tactical sci-fi minis game from Flame Drops Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Omega War is a miniatures game, set in a post atomic world in the near future, where humans used a little of their nuclear arsenal to fight a global war, lasted just a few hours. In this quick time span, the world’s largest cities were destroyed, causing the political orders to collapse. Megacorporations rose from the ashes of the nuclear fall out, replacing the old socio-political organisations.

Futuristic armaments, enhanced machines, psychic powers due to mutations, special abilities and men fighting for survival and scarce resources ... this is what the "6 minute war"left.

In this universe different factions fight to control the planet’s remaining resources, in order to expand their economical riches and military power, or simply to survive! The players take control of a faction Platoon that can be assembled choosing troops, officers and vehicles that best adapt to their own game style!

The campaign is up and running on Kickstarter to go with 9 days left to go.