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Fisk Borg RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

I used to love going fishing with my dad. We'd head out to the lake or down onto the river and just have a good day of it. The most exciting was when we'd actually get a bite on our line. However, we were just pulling up fish of various types. If you're fishing in the Mork Borg universe, though, things might get a little crazier. Fisk Borg is an RPG supplement that gives you an idea of just what you might come across.

From the campaign:

Jet-black tarns. The cyclopean edges of cold oceans. Reeking charnel pits. Pustulent mushroom patches. Perhaps even the human body…

FISK BORG is a supplement for MÖRK BORG that offers new mechanics to bring somber fishing into your blood-soaked roleplaying sessions. Adapting tools from Richard Kelly's fishing RPG Rod, Reel, and Fist, Fisk Borg unleashes dozens of sub-aquatic nightmares to those brave or foolish enough to summon them.

The campaign's just over 4x funded with 15 days left to go.