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First They Came RPG Up On Kickstarter

It's said that the removal of one sense can increase the potency of the others. And with the removal of one sense that we use so often, other experiences that we'd consider routine become strange. That's part of what happens in First They Came, a new historical RPG up on Kickstarter where players are blindfolded and led along by an audio track.

From the campaign:

First They Came is a role-playing game created by Chaos League, authors of Sahara Expedition, Bunker 101, The Secrets We Keep and many other successful immersive projects. It is a game to be played face-to-face or online. It tells of the lives and desperate revolt of a group of undesirables according to the regime.

Designed with original mechanics and transmedia materials, First They Came is one of a kind. You play in the dark or blindfolded, guided by audio tracks that reproduce the different environments in which the story unfolds. It is an immersive, touching experience that will allow you to live a deep and human experience.

The campaign's almost at their funding goal with 19 days left to go.