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Firelock Games Announces Oak & Iron

Firelock Games is at it again. Blood & Plunder has been a smash hit, and now they're taking their swashbuckling adventures out into the high seas with Oak & Iron. It's a new naval combat game that will be heading to Kickstarter soon.

From them to you:

Firelock Games is proud to announce our latest game, Oak & Iron, coming to Kickstarter November 7th. Enlist for updates at the link below!

Oak & Iron is a 1/600th scale naval game set in the age of piracy, imperial expansion, and above all, fighting sail. It allows players to recreate battles between small fleets and squadrons of armed sailing ships. The game is designed to be simple and intuitive while also challenging players by providing significant tactical depth, being true to the theme and tactics of the period, and supplying significant flavor for the various factions represented in the game.