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Fighters of the Pacific Board Game Up On Kickstarter

In the Pacific during WWII, the war was vastly different from those on the fields of Europe. It was sailors and pilots that did much of the fighting, with little solid ground for the army to fight on. You can relive those dramatic dogfights and naval maneuvers in Fighters of the Pacific, a new strategic board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Relive the fury of air and sea combat in the Pacific during World War II.

Direct each plane in multiple fighter and bomber squadrons to lead attacks on the enemy’s carriers and island bases. No dice, no rulers, only dozens of planes and ships! A fast-paced and streamlined game mechanic that plunges you in the heart of the battle. Move each plane individually on a hex grid. When you maneuver to get an enemy plane in your sights, it must try to dodge or else take damage. Some planes can use torpedoes and bombs do destroy ships and ground installations. Stay in formation to keep the initiative and dominate your opponent. Each plane has its own attributes in terms of speed, armor, and special abilities.

Each piece is illustrated as close as possible to its historical model to maximize your immersion!


The campaign's around 4/5 funded with 28 days left to go.