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Fidget Factory Party Game Up On Kickstarter

Fidget Cubes. One of the runaway hits of early Kickstarter. I've got one on my desk at work and two at home. The creators of the Fidget Cube are back. But this time, it's not some little desk toy to keep your hands occupied. They're making a party game. They have returned to Kickstarter to get Fidget Factory made.

From the campaign:

Fidget Factory is a fast-paced, chaotically fun co-op game in which you and other members of a small startup will scramble to make and deliver a product before time - and your coffee - runs out.

Fidget Factory™ is a co-op game, meaning you and your co-founders either all win or lose together.

The objective of Fidget Factory is to build a full Fidget Cube (all 6 sides) before the shipping deadline. You lose if you run out of time or coffee.

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 44 days left to go.