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Fellowship Games Running Undead Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter

Fellowship Games and Punga Miniatures are teaming up to bring you a new fantasy football team for your tabletops. It's the Undead Buccaneers. Want some pirate vampires? Maybe some mummy pirates? You can get them during this campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Fellowship Games is proud to bring you Punga Miniatures new project: Three new and unique Undead teams for Fantasy Football! More than 70 miniatures in 32 mm scale, all made in resin!
             Tireless Vampire Buccaneers appease their bloodlust on their quest for glory. The Sons of Anubis seek to rule as they did in the past, and the Crypt Guardians are here to cause as much chaos as they can. Which group of the Undead you will choose? Or will you take them all?  

Please note that now prices are in USD.  We left the prices at the same level as two years ago, in order to be available to our backers! And now all models will come with plastic bases for free. 

The campaign's around 25x funded, however, there's only just over a day left to get in on the project. So you'd better hurry!