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February Releases For Punkapocalyptic Now Available

We're only just a couple days into February, but the folks over at Bad Roll Games aren't wasting any time. They've posted up this month's Punkapocalyptic releases. It's a trio of figures to fill out your ranks, including a figure that had rules, but no mini up until this point. Head over and get yours now.

From the website:

We have new Punkapocalyptic releases.

This time we bring you the Dynamo with vaporeta for Junkers. The only weapon in the whole rules without a miniature to represent it.

And two V Reich reinforcements. A second Übersoldat, with heavy blade. Because shooting is fine, but busting faces at close range is more satisfying.

And of course Ilse, She-wolf of the V Reich. A personality that likes mutards less than usual

You can find them at our online store and the usual hobby stores.

Go get ’em!