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Fantasy Shindig Fantasy Skirmish Game Available From Project Good

With a name like Project Good, it has to be good. At least, I'd think so. So, what's good? Good is Fantasy Shindig, their new fantasy skirmish game that's available now.

From the website:

A world inhabited by fantastical creatures like Dragons, Elves and Reverse Mermaids. A world ravaged by badly spelt names like Gruthar, Dannoth and Rythnethyiguius. A world where altercations determine who will claim victory in war, love and whose turn it is to cook dinner.

Welcome to Nworyathe. Welcome to the Fantasy Shindig!

A brand new Fantasy Skirmish Wargame from Project Good.

Gather your heroes and begin a magical quest of hunting for epic items, finding hidden pathways, and beating the living daylights out of any other group of so-called heroes that might get in your way. Find potions, swords, scrolls and armour to help you on your mission; but watch out for monsters and cursed items that will no doubt try to ruin your day.

An extremely versatile game using a unique dual-dice rolling system where the bonuses or hindrances received during the game change the very dice you roll. Making use of all the Polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 & D20) your merry band of warriors, mages, clerics, druids, necromancers, rogues or a mix of them; can find themselves battling across open tabletops or crawling through the midst of a dungeon. All of the terrain you use can be searched for magical oddities, so who knows you might find a Sword of Slaying, a Potion of Healing or even the mythical Rolling Pin of destiny.