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Fantasy Flight Running Twilight Imperium Map Contest

Fantasy Flight thought that they'd start off the new year by giving you all a chance to win some awesome prizes. They've started up their Twilight Imperium Map Contest where you can make your own map for the game. Entries are being taken until the end of January, so get yours in now.

From the announcement:

Every time you play a game of Twilight Imperium, you start by constructing your own galaxy, filled with strange planetary clusters and unusual species of aliens. Adrift in the dark interstellar void, your civilization will engage in a grand political and military struggle, navigating fleets of warships and exploratory expeditions into the heart of the board that you’ve created.

Though players typically work together to build their galaxy for every new game, you can also construct a custom board on your own—and this is your chance to show off your map-building skills! Today, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a Pre-Made Map Contest for Twilight Imperium!