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Fantasy Flight Running Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Event

The Legend of the Five Rings LCG is coming to an end. But it's not going out quietly. Fantasy Flight is running the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow event over on their website and it brings in many different aspects of the game, beyond just the cards themselves. There's fan art, fan fiction, and cosplay contests. There's voting for your favorite characters. There's all sorts of stuff. Head over and celebrate a great game as it comes to its conclusion.

From the article:

The Emerald Empire has fractured. While the Great Clans wage war against each other, Akuma no Oni has broken through the Wall. The oni lord’s horde of Shadowlands monstrosities threatens to overrun the Crab Clan and conquer all of Rokugan. Meanwhile, the traitorous regent Bayushi Shoju has seized the capital city of Otosan Uchi in a bloody Scorpion Clan coup and declared his allegiance to the Shadowlands. Shoju’s second-in-command, Ikoma Ujiaki, deploys the Imperial Legions to defend the capital against any who would challenge the regent’s rule.

Now, in the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow, sixteen great figures from across Rokugan will struggle against the forces of the Shadowlands, and all of you will help decide who among them will prevail in the battle ahead!