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Fantasy Flight Releases The Highwayman Legend of the Five Rings RPG Adventure

At Gen Con, companies will run special scenarios for their games. Fantasy Flight is certainly no different, and those that participated in their Legend of the Five Rings RPG events may have played The Highwayman. Well, now the rest of you can play it (or play it again, if you were at the show last year). They've put the adventure up online so you can download it for free.

From the website:

The Shinomen Mori—a gargantuan, sprawling forest, blanketing much of western Rokugan with its primeval spread. Beneath the shadow of its canopy, countless mysteries lie undisturbed, but the Shinomen can also be a place of great darkness, as the Shadowlands Taint festers and takes root. Within this forest, nothing is as it seems, but this is where your path leads in a new adventure.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present The Highwayman, a new adventure for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplayingthat’s free to download from our website today!

The Highwayman debuted at Gen Con 2019 as a one-shot adventure that we hosted in some of our roleplaying game sessions, and now, we’re happy to make it widely available to every Game Master who’s interested in running the adventure themselves.

Unlike the grand majority of your adventures in Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, The Highwayman is not an adventure designed for a party of samurai in the service of their Great Clans. Instead, you’re invited to play as gaijin foreigners, rōnin, and peasant characters, experiencing a radically different side of life in Rokugan and drawing on many of the new rules and options introduced in the Path of Waves sourcebook.

At the beginning of your adventure, you’ve spent several months working small jobs for Ito Moronoka, a simple merchant. His latest job for you will certainly pay well at six koku apiece—and that’s for simply tracking down an absent courier and some missing sake. You set out for the small town of Kawacho, but when the trail leads into Shinomen Mori, you can be certain that things will not end as simply as they began…