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Fantasy Flight Releases Print-and-Play Hereos for Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Some new heroes are hitting the battlefields of Rokugan and you don't even have to head to your LGS or wait for the delivery person to drop them off at your place. You can simply head to the Fantasy Flight website and download some new heroes for your Legend of the Five Rings decks and print them out for yourself.

From the article:

Introducing the Print-and-Play Heroes of Legend for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is now available to download. Read on for more information on this exciting addition to the game from Game Designer Tyler Parrot.

While the Under Fu Leng’s Shadow expansion serves as a capstone to Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game, there are still a handful of cards that were designed for future inclusion in the game that we would like to share with the online community. To that end, nine unique characters, the Heroes of Legend, are now available for download as print-and-play cards.

Originally designed to be prize cards for the 2021 Kotei Series, these characters embrace L5R’s theme of players influencing the game by allowing players to customize the very cards that are included in their deck. Each character has four abilities available, only two of which can be used during play. However, each player may choose to use a different combination of abilities, resulting in characters who operate very differently when played by different players. While there are only nine characters among the Heroes of Legend, there are 54 different ways to customize them!