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Fantasy Flight Previews the Setting in KeyForge

The setting of KeyForge is an interesting one. You've got this world where just about anything can happen. The various Houses mix and meld together, sometimes swapping members. There's a lot of chaos and randomness going on. And nothing is taken all too seriously. In this preview, Fantasy Flight shows off this zany place.

From the post:

In the fast-paced, chaotic clashes of KeyForge, you and your rival take on the roles of ethereal Archons racing to unlock the power hidden within the countless Vaults of the Crucible. In these contests of wits and strength, you'll test your tactical prowess by leading unique teams built from the creatures, technology, and talents of three of the Crucible’s seven Houses. But how did these diverse beings all come to this planet in the first place, and how have their interactions shaped the world beyond the battlefield?

Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at the Crucible, the mysterious planet that acts as the setting for your cosmic clashes in KeyForge: Call of the Archons—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!