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Fantasy Flight Previews the RZ-2 A-wing For X-Wing

The Resistance, much like the Rebel Alliance that preceeded it, uses a variety of different fighter craft in order to get the job done against the First Order. That includes their own versions of classics, such as the A-Wing. Nimble and fast, it's an interceptor of the highest order. Get a look at it for the X-Wing Miniatures Game in this preview.

From the post:

The T-70 X-wing is certainly a versatile starfighter, but it can’t do everything. When the Resistance needs a surgical strike against a sensitive First Order target or a lightning-fast raid, they turn to a fighter that can match—and even surpass—the incredible speed of the TIE fighters they regularly face. Soon, you’ll be able to launch your own attacks in the battles of X-Wing with the RZ-2 A-wing.

The successor to a starfighter that distinguished itself during the Battle of Endor, the RZ-2 A-wing incorporates many field-tested refinements into its design, maintaining the incredible speed of its predecessor while also featuring several significant improvements over previous designs. You can add these advanced starfighters to your Resistance squadrons for the very first time when the RZ-2 A-Wing Expansion Packreleases alongside two other Resistance expansions in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This expansion contains everything you need to incorporate a single RZ-2 A-wing into your squadron. The beautifully detailed, fully painted miniature can be flown by one of six pilots—including four unique pilots. Additionally, five upgrade cards help you outfit your RZ-2 A-wing to match these pilots’ unique skills and two Quick Build cards give you predefined combinations of pilots and upgrades to get your RZ-2 into the fight right away. As a final touch, a maneuver dial and a collection of tokens ensure that you have everything you need to take on the First Order.

Join us today as we explore just what the next evolution of the A-wing can do!