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Fantasy Flight Previews the Mars Faction for KeyForge

KeyForge is almost here. In it, players will have decks made up of 3 different Houses. One of those Houses is the Martians. They've sent in their flying saucers and tripod walkers in order to crush and destroy everything in front of them. In this preview, we get a look at how the House plays.

From the post:

KeyForgetakes you to the wild wonderland of the Crucible, where you and an opponent take on the roles of ethereal Archons, fighting for control of the planet’s hidden Vaults. In battles of wits and strength, you will unite members from three of the Crucible’s seven Houses under your leadership, balancing their strengths and forcing them to work together to earn victory.

The Crucible changes all who are brought here, some more than others. Some factions fight to maintain a sense of cultural purity, holding onto their homeworld and resisting any change that the Crucible encourages. The Martians are one such faction. Led by their Elders, the Martians seek to conquer the Crucible and ensure that even on this new planet, Mars lives on.

Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at the glorious empire of House Mars of KeyForge: Call of the Archonsnow available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!