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Fantasy Flight Previews the ARC Troopers For Star Wars: Legion

There were many types of clone troopers created during the Clone Wars. The most elite were the ARC Troopers. Soon, these highly-trained and well-equipped warriors will be making their way to your tabletops in Star Wars: Legion. Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview so you can know just what these troops will be capable of when the dropships land.

From the article:

Despite being bred from the same genetic template, not all of the Republic’s clone troopers are the same. Their true test comes on the battlefield, and those who distinguish themselves in combat are bestowed with the title of ARC Trooper.

Widely regarded as the best soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, these elite clones have turned the tide of many vital battles in the Clone Wars. Soon, you’ll be able to call about these unshakeable troops with the ARC Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

This expansion puts seven ARC Trooper miniatures at your disposal, enough for two units. Five of these miniatures can be customized with different helmets while two miniatures representing iconic ARC Troopers “Fives” and “Echo” can be assembled without their helmets altogether. Meanwhile, flight stands give you the freedom to choose how three ARC Troopers blast off with their jet packs. Finally, two ARC Troopers can be customized with different weapons.

When you’re ready to deploy them to the battlefield, the ARC Troopers are an adaptable unit made even more versatile by eight upgrade cards that invite you to outfit them with additional heavy weapons, gear, and more. Join us today as take a look at everything included in the ARC Troopers Unit Expansion!