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Fantasy Flight Previews Tech From Star Wars RPG: Gadgets & Gear

There's a lot of little gizmos, gadgets, tech, toys, weapons, and other gear in the Star Wars universe. From weapons to communicators to scanners to everything in-between. Fantasy Flight is putting out a book full of the stuff for the Star Wars RPG, called Gadgets and Gear, and they want you to get a sneak-preview of what will be lining Wotto's shelves when the book releases.

From the post:

If you hope to become a legend in the Star Wars galaxy, you’ll need the right tools. The most iconic heroes and villains all have their own gadgets and gear nearly as famous as they are. As you travel across the galaxy, what tools will become your iconic weapons of choice?

Join us today as we preview the tools found in Gadgets and Gear, a new sourcebook for Star Wars Roleplaying!

This sourcebook gathers weapons, armor, attachments, and gear from all three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. It also adds new pieces of equipment, including weapons and armor used by heroic and villainous characters whose deeds are whispered about across the stars.