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Fantasy Flight Previews Tauntaun Riders For Star Wars: Legion

Sure, it's summer here in the US, but those south of the equator are right in the middle of winter. They've got their heavy coats on and dealing with the harsh conditions of cold, wind, and snow (or maybe not, but they are for the sake of this intro). In such conditions, I bet they wish they had a nice tauntaun to ride around on. But even if they don't actually exist, your little mans will be able to ride them into battle with the Tauntaun Riders set for Star Wars: Legion. We get a preview of them here. No word yet on how the figures smell.

From the website:

On an icy planet like Hoth, even the most advanced technology can’t save you from the subzero temperatures. The Rebel Alliance learned this lesson well when they had difficulty operating their repulsorlift speeders on the frigid planet. In their place, the Rebels turned to creatures naturally suited to roaming the windswept plains of Hoth: Tauntauns.

These sure-footed snow lizards can swiftly navigate the treacherous environments common to the backwater planets where the Alliance hides its bases, making Tauntauns perfect for patrol duty around Echo Base and beyond. Soon, you’ll be able to make your Rebel armies even more mobile with the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansionfor Star Wars™: Legion!

This expansion brings a new support unit to aid your Rebel forces on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War. Two unique Tauntaun Rider miniatures relentlessly charge into battle, harrying the enemy with fire from their DL-44 blaster pistols or attacking with their Tauntauns’ horns and hind claws. Already well-equipped for living in harsh climates, three upgrade cards invite you to make your Tauntaun Riders even more hearty with new training or comms systems.

Read on for a look at everything inside the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion!