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Fantasy Flight Previews Scenario From Arkham Horror: Dead of Night

Dead of Night. It's when I do much of my work. *often up at 2am* But I will freely admit that strange things often happen. Weird sounds around my apartment or at the office. Walking to the car and just feel unease. For me, it's just some animals in the woods or my own paranoia, but for the Investigators in Arkham Horror, it's much more nefarious. In this preview of the new expansion coming for the game, Fantasy Flight looks at the new scenario you'll be trying to solve.

From the website:

Dead of Night not only brings new Investigators to your games of Arkham Horror: Third Edition, but plenty of new threats for these poor souls to confront in the form of two new scenarios. You’ve already seen one of these scenarios in action, as our intrepid team of investigators mediated a war between the O’Bannons and the Sheldon’s in a recent livestream. But that’s not all this new expansion has to offer. In the silence of night, an ancient evil stirs and creatures of darkness begin to infest our fair city.

Today, we’re previewing the second scenario found in Dead of Night, Silence of Tsathoggua!

The nights of Arkham are stretching to unnatural lengths and its citizens are lapsing into torpid sleep. Even in daylight, the city is muted and dull, the sun never fully cresting the unknown mountains on the horizon. The moon never sets, and at times casts a greenish hue, revealing unfamiliar stone buildings and rocky alien promontories, as though the landscape of Arkham overlaps some other place. Even worse, strange creatures are seen on the prowl – shapeless black monstrosities and flying clawed humanoids haunt the dark streets of Arkham.

Can your investigators unravel the mystery surrounding the dead of night before unknowable evil devours Arkham while it's lulled into a never-ending slumber?