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Fantasy Flight Previews Running in Shadow of the Beanstalk

You may look at that headline and be like, "... so, like a 'dash' mechanic where you move quickly?" To which I would go, "No! Running is the slang term for what is basically hacking another computer system." That sort of Lawnmower Man-esque internet world where it's not just pictures and text on a screen, but a fully-interactive reality, where you're having to do battle with programs designed to keep you out. That's what we a get a look at in this Shadow of the Beanstalk preview from Fantasy Flight.

From the post:

Some technologies become so ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine what life would be like without them. For most citizens of New Angeles, the Network is always there. Users order food, pay for products, and find love—or at least company—all without leaving the Network. Young people who have grown up in the fully connected world incorporate the Network seamlessly into their daily lives, filtering between PAD holograms, the physical world, and augmented reality as it suits their needs.

At the heart of the Network underground are runners: users who grew up on the Net and know it better than the people who made it. Any serious runner uses a brain machine interface to get online and a whole suite of tricks to hide their real identity and location. Once they're jacked in, runners use code tools and raid vulnerable businesses, breaking into digital systems for profit, fun, and challenge.

The Net is the most prolific technology in New Angeles, and those who can manipulate or defend it hold untold power.  Join us today as we preview the rules for running the Net in Shadow of the Beanstalk, an Android sourcebook for Genesys Roleplaying!