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Fantasy Flight Previews Prince Faolan For Runewars

The Latari elves in Runewars have had a rather troubled past. Wars, exile, and isolation. But when evil comes a-callin', they have heroes looking to take it on, rather than continue to ignore the outside world. One such is Prince Faolan. Get a look at his stats and abilities for Runewars in this preview from Fantasy Flight.

From the website:

Since their exile to Mennara, the Eolam have faced a difficult decision. Do they turn inward, ignoring the outside world as they work toward redemption, or do they embrace their new world and defend it, striking down evil wherever it appears to prove that they are worthy to ascend to the Empyrean once more?

For some among the Latari’s ranks, this is no choice at all. Their culture must be protected if they are ever to regain their former grace. The son of King Aanir, Prince Faolan, is one such individual. He values the lives of his people above any antiquated alliances. Now, as old threats return and the four great factions go to war, he will do whatever it takes to ensure that his people stay safe, no matter what the cost to Terrinoth may be.

Today, we're proud to offer you a closer look at the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!