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Fantasy Flight Previews Player Phase in Marvel: Champions

The Marvel Champions card game was one of the big announcements from Fantasy Flight during Gen Con. It seems so long ago, but we're still a bit out from the release, and I'm sure plenty of players out there want to know more about how the game works. Well, that's exactly what you're getting in this preview. See how the Player Phase works in this new cooperative card game.

From the post:

Ultron’s army of robot drones takes to the skies. Klaw uses sinister sound waves to cause mass havoc. Rhino rampages through mankind’s first line of defense. In these desperate times, heroes are needed to confront these villains and thwart their dastardly schemes once and for all!

Join us today as we preview the Player Phase in Marvel Champions: the Card Game!

Marvel Champions sees you and your friends step into the shoes of Marvel Heroes like Iron Man and She-Hulk as they team up to thwart a villain from enacting their evil schemes. The Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set presents you with five different heroes ready to take on three different villains and their dastardly plots. The Player Phase gives you a chance to show off your superhero skills by thwarting the villain's schemes, defeating their minions, assisting other heroes, and bringing down the bad guys!