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Fantasy Flight Previews New X-Wing Releases

Fantasy Flight is going all-in with their new X-Wing releases. They have announced the next wave of ships, and it's a whole squadron in and of itself. They've also got a trio of upgrade packs for players to get all the different pilots, upgrades, and more from not just previous packs, but new stuff as well.

From the post:

The Galactic Civil War may be over, but the battle for the Star Wars galaxy continues. The effects of this conflict reverberate to the farthest reaches of space and no one is truly free from their grasp. Soon, fresh-faced pilots will be ready to take up the fight and enter the white-knuckle battles of Star Wars™: X-Wing.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce a new wave of eight expansions for X-Wing:

Continuing to explore the conflict between the Resistance and First Order, this wave adds bold new options to both factions, inviting you to assemble new squadrons and continue the fight. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and the galaxy’s most notorious Scum and Villainy can also expand their squadrons with ships returning from the game’s first edition, broadening the possibilities for casual and competitive play alike.


From the website:

From the skies above Coruscant to distant nebulas on the edge of the Outer Rim, there’s no telling where the next space battle in the Star Wars galaxy might erupt. When it does, squad leaders need to use the pilots under their command, their ship’s weapons and systems, and even the environment itself if they hope to claim victory. Soon, your games of Star Wars™: X-Wing will be more varied than ever before.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce three expansions for X-Wing:

These expansions gather a range of obstacles and upgrades released across multiple X-Wing products, giving you a wide variety of options for customizing your ships and the environments where your battles take place. More than simply collecting previously released content, however, these expansions also introduce new ways to play X-Wing, drastically reshaping your games. In addition to new pilots and upgrades, you’ll also find environment cards that offer a way to quickly add scenarios with new combinations of obstacles and special rules that change the fabric of your games.

Read on for more information on these expansions and what they bring to X-Wing!