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Fantasy Flight Previews New Heroes from Shadowed Paths

There are many out there in Middle-earth that look to face off and defeat the forces of evil. In Shadowed Paths, a new expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth, players will have some new options for who they want to bring along in their quest. In this preview, we get a look at these new fellows and what they'll bring to the party.

From the article:

The world of Middle-earth is filled with wonder, yet many ancient and evil places remain—shadowy ruins, primeval forests, dark crypts beneath the cold earth. Only the mightiest heroes of Middle-earth still dare to enter these grim locations to pursue their quests, and with the Shadowed Paths expansion for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, you can forge your own path into the darkness.

Shadowed Paths is a brand-new expansion, releasing in July and packed with brand-new content to enhance your Journeys in Middle-earth campaigns. With five new heroes and five new hero roles, there’s dozens of new gameplay styles to explore. Twenty double-sided journey map tiles bring your adventures to mysterious new locales, while difficult ground and terrain tokens for the battle map add striking new tactical considerations for your heroes. Finally, a full host of new enemies, including pit goblins, giant spiders, and cave trolls, oppose you in a branching digital campaign played out across thirteen new adventures! Best of all, these heroes, roles, enemies, tiles, items, and even new digital encounters unlocked with Shadowed Paths can be used in any other Journeys in Middle-earth campaign, adding new replayability and content to your entire game.