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Fantasy Flight Previews Mythos in Arkham Horror

There's a lot of strange things going on in the town of Arkham. A bit of an understatement, I know, but you still need to go out and investigate these happenings to see if you can solve the mystery. With any luck, you'll figure it out. With even more luck, you'll save the world. With the most absurd of luck, you'll stay even partially sane in the process. In this preview of the new edition of Arkham Horror, we check out the Mythos in the game.

From the post:

In order to prevent Ancient Ones from tearing this world apart, your investigators will have to carefully plan and prepare to take on eldritch forces far beyond your wildest imagination. However, the best laid plans can easily be cast apart by the fickle hand of fate, and you'll have to adapt if you have any hope of saving the world.

While investigators take the initiative in the action phase and the monster phase sees enemies moving about the city, you must also react to new situations as destiny and chance encounters intervene in your plans.

Join us today as we preview the encounters you'll face and the dread power of the mythos in Arkham Horror Third Edition, the new edition of the classic cooperative game of cosmic horror!