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Fantasy Flight Previews More Heroes From Journeys in Middle-earth

There are many dangers in the world of Middle-earth. But for every danger, there's a hero waiting to cut it down. In this preview for the upcoming Journeys in Middle-earth board game from Fantasy Flight, they're showing off the various heroes that players can find within the game.

From the post:

Middle-earth needs heroes. A darkness is coming, threatening to consume everything in its path, and only those brave enough to stand against it can save the Free Peoples from impending doom. In The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, you and your friends are invited to become these heroes, writing yourself into the history of Middle-earth as you set out on an ever-evolving campaign.

Along the way, your heroes will grow with every new adventure as they master skills in six distinct roles. Over the course of the campaign, you can diversify your hero’s deck with skills drawn from the roles you choose, building a hero that reflects your unique adventures. But a hero is more than just a sum of their skills. As your adventures continue, you’re sure to grow in renown, bringing both your strengths and weaknesses into sharper focus.

The last time we looked at the heroes in Journeys in Middle-earth, you got a glimpse at the composition of a hero’s skill deck, as well as a closer look at three individual heroes. Join us today as we shift our focus to the remaining three heroes and the special skill cards that can become part of their decks!