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Fantasy Flight Previews Loot and Companions in New California

It's dangerous out there in the wasteland. But there's plenty of opportunities as well. Lots of leftover things that might seem like junk, but are actually really useful in a pinch. In this preview of the New California expansion for the Fallout board game, Fantasy Flight takes a look at the new Companions and Loot you can find in the game.

From the website:

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the smell of nuclear material wafting on the ocean breeze. Here in New California, the residents don’t let attacks by irradiated creatures and folks duking it out in power armor stop them from enjoying the post-nuclear landscape. They’re drawn by a bit more than just ocean views and radiation as far as the eye can see, of course. There’s also plenty of loot to be had by survivors intrepid enough to look for it.

Thus far, we’ve taken a look at several aspects of the New California expansion for Fallout: The Board Game, starting with the survivors who call this desolate corner of the wasteland home. Then, we moved on to how these survivors can come together to tackle a brand new cooperative scenario. Now it’s time to get to the good stuff: the loot!