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Fantasy Flight Previews Jyn Orso And Rebel Pathfinders For Star Wars: Legion

The Rebels have their own scouts, out there looking for any weaknesses in the Imperial machine. Their use of cammo and covert tactics makes them perfect for it. In this preview for Star Wars: Legion, Fantasy Flight takes a look at a pair of new releases, Jyn Orso as well as a unit of Rebel Pathfiners.

From the post:

After years of escalating tensions, the Galactic Civil War finally erupted when members of the fledgling Rebel Alliance mounted a bold attack on the top secret Imperial research facility on Scarif. Soon, you can experience this battle through the eyes of the Rebel forces who fought there. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new Rebel units for Star Wars™: Legion:

These expansions capture the essence of the Rebel Alliance, giving you everything you need to build a strike team that can quickly infiltrate Imperial lines and complete their mission no matter the cost. Containing a crack unit of elite Rebel soldiers and a new commander bold enough to lead them on even the most dangerous missions, these expansions give you exciting new options for constructing your Rebel army and pushing back against the Empire.